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Mobile Painting Drying Rack - Giraffe
£120.00 exc: VAT
Wooden giraffe shaped mobile drying rack, ideal for use in schools, pre-schools and nurseries.
Adds an organised and neat look to any classroom in a fun, child-friendly way.
The unique giraffe design adds character and organisation to any art corner or classroom.
This classroom drying rack comes with 25 evenly spaced drying shelves, suitable for A4 sized paper.
The steel shelves are plastic coated with a yellow finish to match the giraffe theme. Shelves are adjustable, interchangeable, and can all be removed for easy cleaning.
Reposition the drying racks to hold different sized projects, simply increase or decrease the gap between shelves.
Each shelf has a maximum load bearing weight of 2kg’s. Manufactured with generous room between shelves, this drying rack is designed so artwork doesn’t get spoiled, mixed up or damaged.
Using a drying rack in classrooms allows you to dry multiple pieces of artwork at once without crowding tables, easels and windowsills. It also provides a level of protection to pieces of work.
Manufactured from birch plywood and complete with a yellow giraffe design, the drying rack is fun and child-friendly whilst also being durable, hard-wearing, and easy to clean.
The unit is complete with rounded corners for increased safety.
At the bottom of the drying rack, there is a shelf which prevents excess paint from staining the floor. Alternatively, use this shelf for storing art supplies or dried artwork.
Supplied with 4 easy-glide, locking castors which allow for easy movement between classrooms. This drying rack also comes with a handle rail to help transport the unit.
Generously spaced shelves allow work to dry quicker because there is airflow to both the top and bottom of prints.
Fully conforms to BS EN 71 parts 1, 2 and 3, making it safe for use by and around children.
  • Ideal for use in schools, preschools, nurseries and after-school clubs
  • Unique giraffe design and colour adds character to an art corner or classroom
  • Provides a professional, organised and neat storage solution
  • Dry multiple pieces of artwork simultaneously
  • 25 adjustable and interchangeable drying racks
  • Suitable for paper and artwork up to an A4 size
  • Drying racks are fully removable for easy cleaning
  • Each shelf has a maximum load bearing weight of 2kg’s
  • Rounded corners for increased safety
  • Plastic coated metal drying racks in a yellow finish
  • Hard-wearing and durable plywood frame
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • Interchange drying shelves to facilitate larger projects 
  • Helps to minimise mess and free up space in classrooms
  • 4 easy-glide castor wheels and additional handle for easy movement
  • Shelf to the bottom so no dripping artwork on the floor
  • Artwork dries quicker as air passes both top and bottom of the paper
  • Enough space between shelves so artwork doesn’t get damaged
Available in One Size

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