Classroom Carpets - Early Years Supplies

Our Classroom Carpets are unique in their distinctive and brightly coloured, child friendly designs.

Many are not just functional floor carpets but also stimulate learning through interaction, play and teaching activities.

Our extrensive range of carpets are designed to suit all classroom sizes and learning enviroments, from decorative and shaped carpets to themed placement carpets perfect for group activities and reading. 

  • Classroom Carpets
  • Classroom Mats
  • Classroom Rugs
  • Kids Play Mats

Our Outdoor Carpets support learning and play outside the classroom, they are heavy duty but lightweight. For outdoor playgrounds and grass area only. 

Our fantastic range of outdoor mats and products with bright colours and clear graphics.

Mats are manufactured from twisted nylon Outdoor Tuf-Loop™which is lighter in weight making the mats easier to move. With Outdoor Rhombus™ backing which is hardwearing and waterproof for outdoor use. 

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